If you would like to order any sermons that you have heard
on the radio. Get the title,date of the broadcast and call letters of the radio station.
Write to:
Mt Sinai Baptist Church
830 Country Club Rd
Pickens S.C. 29671.
There is no charge but if you would like to send a love gift to help cover the cost of production, it would be greatly appreciated. Also include how the sermons or radio broadcast has been a help to you. God Bless. 

Dr Estus Pirkle1/18/2018
Picking Up Sticks

Dr Estus Pirkle1/18/2018
Consider Death

Dr Percy Ray1/18/2018
Bro Curtis McCarley's Funeral Service

Bro Rudy Smith1/5/2018
Proving The Will of God 2

Bro Rudy Smith1/5/2018
Proving the Will of God 1

Bro Rudy Smith1/5/2018
Christ Our Scapegoat 2

Bro Rudy Smith1/5/2018
Christ Our Scapegoat 1

Dr Percy Ray1/5/2018
The Red Light of Hell

Bro Rudy Smith1/3/2018
The Scourging of Jesus